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Some words about us

We are information technology company based on creatif city of Bandung. We love building and rebuilding solution through our specific skills. Using tools , programing language, and operating system, we help companies in a way they will never forget.

  • Mission - We deliver solution through Open Source technology
  • Skills - Delivering fast, efficient and excellent results
  • Clients - Satisfied clients thanks to our experience

Jl Cijerokaso 1 no 44
Sarijadi, Sukasari
West Java, 40153

(+62) 812 2473 1715
[email protected]

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We have some solution to help company achieve what they want this is some of them

Web Development

With our skill in web development we will build web site or web apps that fullfil client need

Server Management

Healty and secure server is key to achieve success in information technology era.

Cloud Computing

We build and operate cloud computing technology and help company to get value from cloud computing.


We help company to develop and maintain their new or existing technology through educating their developer.

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